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Oxygen Valve

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Product Manual

Oxygen Valve

          Oxygen Globe Valve is one special Globe valve which used in oxygen pipe line, except the general features, the oxygen Globe valve has some other features such as : good fire resistance ,good electrical conductivity , good thermal conductivity, anti-oil, and good safety ,etc,
          Globe valve with outside screw and yoke. The flanged body and the bolted bonnet are made of copper alloy (#CuSn). The stem and the throttling plug are made of nickel alloy (#Monel™). The plug is designed so as to avoid fire ignition while opening the valve. The integrated seat and a very neat lapping ensure bubble-tight shut-off.

    Product Name:                     Oxygen Globe Valve
    Product Model:                    J41W-Globe valve
    Nominal Size:                       NPS 4”~24”(DN100~DN600)
    Nominal Temperature:       -46℃~580℃
    Nominal pressure:             CLASS 150~600 (PN20~PN100)
    Design standard:                API 6D、ASME B16.34
    Structural length:               ASME B16.10、GB/T 12221
    Connecting end:                 ASME B16.5、ASME B16.25、ASME B16.11、GB/T 9113、GB/T 12224
    Test standard:                    API6D  API 598、ISO 5208、GB/T 26480、GB/T 13927
    Operation method:            Hand wheel, pneumatic drive, e-drive;
    Application fields:              For systems of steel plants, Metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, LPG, gas,
                                                  HVAC and pharmaceutical industries.

    This range of valves has been specially designed for gaseous oxygen service. These valves can also be installed behind a barrier, with or without gear box. They are extensively used in industry, especially in steel plants.

      Product Features

      1. Fire protection design;
      2. Soak degreasing, highest safety class;
      3. Quick opening and closing, small flow resistance, and fast angular travel operation
      4. The medium can flow in two directions, facilitating unlimited mounting direction and online repair.
      5. Small switching moment, reliable sealing.

      Main materials:
      Body and bonnet in copper alloy (#CuSn)
      Stem and plug in nickel alloy (#Monel™)
      Outside screw and yoke
      Throttling plug
      Metallic body gasket (Copper)
      Packing gland made of PTFE or SS+Graphite; 

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